Wednesday, 5 June 2013

UTAU design!~

Some of you may probably know that I have an UTAU with a temporary name, UTAUloid Ryoko. And I've recently started designing her~ I may be changing her hair colour though~ :) I asked my friend to line it for me because I don't have a tablet ^^; I hope my colouring is good ><

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

So long~

Hello there! owo

It's been so long since I've posted here! >< I'm so sorry for abandoning this blog ;A; I've been a little bit lazy to update it hehe but I've recently downloaded the Blogger app on my phone so I'll be able to update more recently!

I really want to meet you people out there who comment on my videos and my subscribers~ I know we're not supposed to talk to strangers but...this is an exception!!! I really wanna meet you guys somehow~ haha! xD It's just that, I feel so very touched that there are people who look forward to my uploads and stuff~ ^^ I really wanna thank you guys again for continuing to support me till this far! Love you all! :D

Anyway, here are my plans for the future that I came up with recently! When I start working, I'm SO gonna sign up for Premium Niconico member!!! When I converted the price in Yen to SGD, it's only like 5 bucks per month! I think I can afford that yeah! I so can't wait haha XD

Okay, I've gotta go now, I have Chemistry and Additional Maths tests tomorrow! Oh my god! *A*
New anime that I'm currently watching right now~ It has a lot of hot and cute guys and very pretty girls!

Monday, 4 February 2013


yay!!!!! My duet with Karo (Jaespirit) is finally up on YouTube!!~ I feel super honoured to have sung a duet with Karo. Like, seriously!! AHMAIGODD...I was in school when she uploaded the video so I didn't get to be the first one to comment on it :( And my battery was dying by the time I saw it on my channel feed >< I had to rush home and switch on my computer and quickly spazz over it HAHA. Anyway, I think that Karo and I sound kinda same but she's the maturer and cooler one and I'm the childish and noisy one haha XD Or maybe it's just the auto-tune..I don't know, who cares?? :>

Anyway, I was having my Social Studies lesson when I received some vibrations in my pocket and when I checked it, it turned out to be my mail. When I checked to see what type of mail it was, I was praying that it would be a new subscriber and....I WAS RIGHT! I got like about...5 subscribers so far before writing this post... And I was like, "damn why do I keep getting subscribers so sunddenly??" I HAVEN'T EVEN GOT THE CHANCE TO UPLOAD ANYTHING YET THIS YEAR *A* ...And the duet explains it all :3

I'm really thankful for this wonderful miracle :D

So, I decided to post the video on my niconico account! Enjoy! XD Oh! And subscribe to Karo people!!!! Subscribe!~

Sunday, 3 February 2013

awhh :(

Hey guys! You guys would probably notice that I haven't been posting any videos lately.. Not a single video this year! I've gotten very busy with homework, projects and studying for tests and much more.. I haven't even gotten the chance to use my laptop :( I can only use my phone or the family computer when I have some free time. I recently installed Garageband on my jailbroken iPhone and record my lines for duets or choruses there.. So far so good. But the functions and controls are very different.. ;A;

Go and Google up about this exam I'll be taking called "O' Level". It's a major exam that will "determine what I become in the future". xD Yup. And it's gonna start around October? I guess. Around my birthday T^T And it's my sweet 16 this year too T^T So I'm really sorry that I haven't been really active on YT but I'll be uploading a cover really soon in commemoration of getting 200+ subs :D Look forward to that! :D

There'll be this event on 22 February at Cinneleisure if I'm not mistaken called "J-Obsession"! I'll be going with my friend, Peyuyu!! XD I know my exams are important but I can't miss this event hehe >< So.....till next time! :)


I should cover this song soon :3

Friday, 18 January 2013


I just did a cover of niki's WAVE last December and a few weeks ago, there was a Japanese comment on the video saying that he/she used my video. And when I found the video, I WAS SO HAPPY I DIED xD
He/she used my version to make a YT chorus for WAVE!!!! Then, a few days ago, there was another comment saying the same thing! It was a different person this time. When I clicked on the video, IT WAS A MORE AWESOME MIX WITH MY VERSION INSIDE!!! XD IAMSOHAPPYICOULDDIEAGAIN. yeap. thats all!~ Enjoy themmmm :D

UTAUloid Ryoko

Hey guys!!! I know that it's been a long time since I posted here right?~ Sorry >< Anyway, last month, I made an UTAU and named her UTAUloid Ryoko! She sounds sooooo...mature! Haha! >< I love herrr!!! I've made her sing Ten Faced, Meltdown and Sarishinohara! But I've only posted her Ten Faced cover om her channel though...Will post the others soon! However, the biggest problem of my UTAU is that she chokes on her words >< I don't know how to make her sound normal!!! >< But I will try and get some help from experts >< soooooo, subscribe to UTAUloid Ryoko and stay tuned for more covers! xD

Link to her channel: ryokonoutau