Friday, 18 January 2013


I just did a cover of niki's WAVE last December and a few weeks ago, there was a Japanese comment on the video saying that he/she used my video. And when I found the video, I WAS SO HAPPY I DIED xD
He/she used my version to make a YT chorus for WAVE!!!! Then, a few days ago, there was another comment saying the same thing! It was a different person this time. When I clicked on the video, IT WAS A MORE AWESOME MIX WITH MY VERSION INSIDE!!! XD IAMSOHAPPYICOULDDIEAGAIN. yeap. thats all!~ Enjoy themmmm :D

UTAUloid Ryoko

Hey guys!!! I know that it's been a long time since I posted here right?~ Sorry >< Anyway, last month, I made an UTAU and named her UTAUloid Ryoko! She sounds sooooo...mature! Haha! >< I love herrr!!! I've made her sing Ten Faced, Meltdown and Sarishinohara! But I've only posted her Ten Faced cover om her channel though...Will post the others soon! However, the biggest problem of my UTAU is that she chokes on her words >< I don't know how to make her sound normal!!! >< But I will try and get some help from experts >< soooooo, subscribe to UTAUloid Ryoko and stay tuned for more covers! xD

Link to her channel: ryokonoutau