Monday, 4 February 2013


yay!!!!! My duet with Karo (Jaespirit) is finally up on YouTube!!~ I feel super honoured to have sung a duet with Karo. Like, seriously!! AHMAIGODD...I was in school when she uploaded the video so I didn't get to be the first one to comment on it :( And my battery was dying by the time I saw it on my channel feed >< I had to rush home and switch on my computer and quickly spazz over it HAHA. Anyway, I think that Karo and I sound kinda same but she's the maturer and cooler one and I'm the childish and noisy one haha XD Or maybe it's just the auto-tune..I don't know, who cares?? :>

Anyway, I was having my Social Studies lesson when I received some vibrations in my pocket and when I checked it, it turned out to be my mail. When I checked to see what type of mail it was, I was praying that it would be a new subscriber and....I WAS RIGHT! I got like about...5 subscribers so far before writing this post... And I was like, "damn why do I keep getting subscribers so sunddenly??" I HAVEN'T EVEN GOT THE CHANCE TO UPLOAD ANYTHING YET THIS YEAR *A* ...And the duet explains it all :3

I'm really thankful for this wonderful miracle :D

So, I decided to post the video on my niconico account! Enjoy! XD Oh! And subscribe to Karo people!!!! Subscribe!~

Sunday, 3 February 2013

awhh :(

Hey guys! You guys would probably notice that I haven't been posting any videos lately.. Not a single video this year! I've gotten very busy with homework, projects and studying for tests and much more.. I haven't even gotten the chance to use my laptop :( I can only use my phone or the family computer when I have some free time. I recently installed Garageband on my jailbroken iPhone and record my lines for duets or choruses there.. So far so good. But the functions and controls are very different.. ;A;

Go and Google up about this exam I'll be taking called "O' Level". It's a major exam that will "determine what I become in the future". xD Yup. And it's gonna start around October? I guess. Around my birthday T^T And it's my sweet 16 this year too T^T So I'm really sorry that I haven't been really active on YT but I'll be uploading a cover really soon in commemoration of getting 200+ subs :D Look forward to that! :D

There'll be this event on 22 February at Cinneleisure if I'm not mistaken called "J-Obsession"! I'll be going with my friend, Peyuyu!! XD I know my exams are important but I can't miss this event hehe >< So.....till next time! :)


I should cover this song soon :3